Keynote Speaker

With 20 years experience travelling around the globe with some of the world’s biggest most complex companies in roles which stretched from offshore platforms to executive boardrooms  Martin has a wealth of stories, knowledge and experience to share which will enliven your event and stimulate your audience.  This experience, plus natural ability to build rapport with his audience allows Martin to speak on topics as diverse as effective executive leadership, employee wellbeing, engagement and motivation, corporate risk management and operational asset management.

As a keynote speaker, Martin has a unique ability to adapt his style and delivery to connect with his audience, gaining their trust and giving them a perspective on the issues they face, whether this be a high-profile business event, technical conference or in-house development programme.

Subjects Martin has been invited to speak on in the past include:

  • Being a Tougher Mudder : Leadership in the 21st Century
  • The Great Leap Forward : Transitioning from manger to leader
  • Leading Your Way : Building your own leadership map
  • Where is the Love? : Building organisational resilience
  • Why do Bad Things Happen to Good Companies?
  • Being Afraid of Gorillas : Risk management in hazardous industries
  • Have You Got a Cliff or a Keith? : Key questions for managing ageing assets