Why do We Find Leadership So Difficult?

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Having worked with dozens of major organisations across the private, public and charitable sectors, I find the same issues crop up time and again:

  • People – or whole organisations – believing leadership is complicated, requiring special skills and talents
  • People not seeing themselves as leaders;
  • Leaders not leading, because they are too busy ‘doing’ or ‘managing’;
  • People not being clear about what they are leading for;
  • People not engaging others and inviting them to be part of what they are leading for;
  • People not being clear about what they are asking for in terms of delivery.

This is why organisations can be awash with people in leadership positions, and be full of people who are seen as leaders and yet still fail to get the best out of all the resources they have and people they employ.

Our belief – evidenced by the transformational impact that we have on the performance of the organisations that we have worked with – is that getting clear about a few simple things, and consciously practising a few other equally simple things is the key to harnessing, aligning and releasing the potential of your organisation.  And doing so isn’t complicated. In fact it’s quite simple.

It comes down to three words: Future – Engage – Deliver.

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