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Linkedin bio picPrior to becoming a full-time coach and consultant I spent over 20 years in the oil, gas and electricity industries, working for some of the world’s biggest and most complex organisations including BHP Billiton, BP, Centrica, E.ON, Shell, Total and Talisman Energy. I held senior front-line operational roles in some of the UK’s most hazardous facilities, senior technical and project management roles in some of the industries biggest projects and director level roles in operations, risk management, corporate governance and functional support functions .

I therefore bring a rare blend of leadership development and consultancy expertise alongside first-hand knowledge of what it is like to lead within complex, high-hazard and high-profile organisations. My work is therefore grounded in the reality of every-day business life not academic research or theoretical, idealised consultancy models.

I am a Visiting Fellow of Cranfield University, lecturing on leadership and risk management, a regular contributor to the Future-Engage-Deliver leadership blog and a columnist for Sorted magazine, writing on business issues.

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