Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

"To communicate as an authentic leader, you have to look into your own experiences and find those themes that are most important to you"

Derek Walcott

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Risk Management Consultancy & Coaching

"An informed [risk] culture is one in which people, at all levels,
do not forget to be afraid"

Professor James Reason

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Personal Coaching & Development

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

Michelangelo Buonarroti

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Organisations invest a lot of time defining  their purpose, vision and strategy.  So why does it often feel like we are wading through mud in order to get anything done?

Organisations expend a lot of time and energy structuring ourselves for the journey, defining responsibilities and accountabilities, driving alignment within and across teams and agreeing shared objective. So why does it often feel like we are all heading in different directions?

Organisations spend a lot of time searching for, selecting and recruiting talented and passionate people, each with a unique blend of skills, attributes and aspirations. So why does it feel like we are constantly being encouraged to leave our multi-coloured cloak of creativity, inspiration and ambition at the door and replace it with a monochrome straightjacket of compliance.

Whether you’re in the private, public or charitable sector, whether you’re a multinational mega corporation or a local community group we can help you transform your business by helping you break out of the corporate mud, break through the operational traffic jam, and break free from the organisational straightjacket.

How it feels

To do this we focus on three key areas of your business

  • Leadership Development
  • Risk Management & Organisational Resilience
  • Personal Coaching

Why these three?  Because experience shows that these are the three key ingredients to unlocking every other aspect of your operational performance.

They are inextricable linked. There are lots of organisations out there who can work with you in anyone of these areas – as can we.  But to make transformational change stick, you need to be working across all three. That’s why we are different.  However you engage us, and whatever you engage us in, we always work with an eye on the bigger picture, the bigger change you’re trying to pull off.

So whether you want to work in one, two or all three areas drop us a line and let’s discuss what you’re up to.  We love taking to people who are ambitious for something even better…

how it should feel